NASA Telerobotic Competition

Posted on December 8, 2005  Comments (1)

NASA Announces Telerobotic Construction Competition

“The Telerobotic Challenge may directly affect how exploration is conducted on the moon,” said NASA’s Associate Administrator for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Scott Horowitz. “If the Challenge can successfully demonstrate the remote assembly of simple and complex structures, many aspects of exploration in general will be affected for the better.”

This Challenge will be conducted in an arena containing scattered structural building blocks. The task is to assemble the structure using multiple robotic agents remotely controlled by humans. The operators may only see and talk to the robots through communications’ equipment that simulates Earth-moon time delays and restrictions. The robots must be smart enough to work together with only intermittent human direction to be successful.

Rules will be finalized in early 2006 and the competition will go into 2007. This is part of the NASA Centennial Challenges in which prizes seek to stimulate innovation and competition in solar system exploration and ongoing NASA mission areas.

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