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Advice on Successfully Applying for Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships

Directory of Select Science and Engineering Scholarships and Fellowships – undergraduate, graduate and faculty fellowships

  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program – about 1,000 graduate fellowships granted each year, $30,000 per year payment (3 years).
  • National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG) – about 200 graduate fellowships, a $31,000 (3 years)
  • Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation Defense Scholarship for Service Program (SMART) – about 200 undergraduate and graduate fellowships with payments of $25,000 – $41,000 plus paid summer internships. (1+ years)
  • Gates Millennium Scholars – for African-American, Hispanic American, American Indian/Alaska Native and Asian Pacific Islander American students in engineering, library science, mathematics, public health, and the sciences (providing support from undergraduate through doctoral programs). Over 500 awards a year for “the cost of education by covering unmet need and self-help.”
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarships (Europe and Worldwide) – I must admit I am a bit confused by the web site so this is my best guess, approximately 1,500 graduate fellowships (I am not sure if there is a payment to students, I assume tuition is covered as well as a travel allowance…).
  • Goldwater Science, Engineering and Math Scholarships – about 300 per year to undergraduates (1-2 years, depending if received as a junior or senior), nominated through schools (up to 4 per school) and pays up to 7,500 per year.
  • EPA Science to Achieve Results (STAR) (web site deleted by EPA) – about 65 [+15 more with EPA’s Greater Research Opportunities (GRO) program] graduate fellowships, $37,000 (2-4 years). Plus about 15 undergraduate awards and in the EPA GRO program ($22,000), 2 years.
  • Marshall Scholarship – over 40, 2 to 3 years (USA students to study in the UK). Travel and “cost of living grant.”
  • Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship”‰- 15-20 fellowships, $31,000, 3 years?
  • USDA/1890 National Scholars Program – scholarships for undergraduate students at 18 Historically Black Land-Grant Institutions in disciplines including: Agriculture; Agricultural Engineering/Mechanics, Animal Sciences; Botany; Biological Sciences. Full tuition and room and board, summer employment and mandatory 1 year of service with USDA for each your on scholarship (10 a year I think).

Fellowships and Scholarships Available to those in High School

  • Intel Science Talent Search – $1.25 million in awards and scholarships.
  • Davidson Fellows Scholarships – $10,000-$50,000 for young people under the age of 18 who have completed a significant piece of work. Application categories are Mathematics, Science, Literature, Music, Technology, Philosophy and Outside the Box.

See posts in our fellowships and scholarships category for information on many more. Also see the Science and Engineering Fellowship Directory I started at American Society for Engineering Education.

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