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Posted on April 16, 2009  Comments (4)

Kindle Holder - read in bedPhoto of Kindle, with read-in-bed holder by Randall Munroe

By Randall Munroe, author of the great XKCD comic, The Pursuit of Laziness

Since I was a kid, I’ve been looking for the perfect way to read in bed.

I recently got a Kindle. I was intending to use it mainly as a mobile web browser, but I’ve surprised myself by using it to read an awful lot. And, with apologies to all the bibliophiles out there, I find the ergonomics better than a paperback. When snacking and reading, I can lay it flat on a table without the use of a book weight to hold it opened, and when lying in bed, I don’t have to keep moving it to read.

But it’s not perfect. There’s no way to hold it with a finger on the ‘next page’ buttons that doesn’t require a few muscles to hold it upright

I got out of bed one night, went to the closet, and got a steel coat hanger and some pliers. After a few minutes of twisting, I created this

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photo of Kindle Holder

4 Responses to “Home Engineering: Reading in Bed”

  1. Matt D.
    April 22nd, 2009 @ 11:57 pm

    That is a neat little contraption to hold the Kindle, but I still don’t really see the charm of it. Maybe it’s just me, but reading words off a screen just isn’t the same as reading off of paper.

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