One Sneeze, 150 Colds for Commuters

Posted on December 7, 2008  Comments (0)

One sneeze, 150 colds for commuters

An analysis of the germs unleashed from a single commuter’s sneeze showed that within minutes they are being passed on via escalator handrails or seats on trains and underground carriages. At the busiest stations, one sneeze not smothered by a tissue or handkerchief will provide enough germs to infect another 150 commuters.

A single sneeze expels 100,000 droplets of germs into the air at 90mph. Individual droplets get transferred to handles, rails and other areas frequently held or touched. Up to 10 per cent of all commuters will come into contact with an area infected by that one sneeze, Dr Henderson calculated.

Researchers asked 1,300 workers about their health and found 99 per cent of commuters suffered at least one cold last winter. In contrast, just 58 per cent of those who work from home and 88 per cent of those who walk to work regularly caught a cold last winter.

It is amazing (or maybe not but I find it amazing) how well cold viruses have evolved to have us sneeze and send out personal virus jet packs to spread them all over and let them infect others. It is sad how impolite some people are as they go around potentially infecting hundreds of other people. Partially their ignorance of basic science may also be to blame for their behavior. It is too bad others have to suffer due to their bad manners and ignorance.

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