High School Students in USA, China and India

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2 million minutes is a documentary film looking at education in USA, China and India. The producers offer a blog, What Should America Do?, which is interesting.

this blog offers deeper insights into education in China, India and the United States, and the challenge America faces. Now you can join a dialog about what governments, communities and families should and are doing to best prepare US students for satisfying careers in the 21st century.

U.S. Students Can’t Compete in High-Tech World

The film follows two students from Carmel High School in Indianapolis, as well as two students from India and two from China. The premise is that they all have roughly 2 million minutes in high school to build their intellectual foundation and prepare for college and a career.

Twenty months in the making, “2 Million Minutes” highlights the pressures and priorities of these students and their families. Ultimately, it provides insight into the changing nature of competition in a technology-based global economy.

“As a high-tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist for the past 25 years,” Compton said,” I can tell you the people who have reaped the greatest economic rewards in the past two decades have been those with the most rigorous and thorough understanding of technology — and thus a solid foundation in math and science — and who have an ability to solve problems and possess entrepreneurial skill.”

I strongly agree with the economic benefits from strong science and engineering education and the personal benefit of science and technology expertise (one small example: S&P 500 CEOs – Again Engineering Graduates Lead).

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