Water Pump Merry-go-Round

Posted on February 10, 2008  Comments (6)

I wrote about PlayPumps in 2006: Safe Water Through Play. This video by National Geographic gives more detail on PlayPumps and water needs in general. Some facts from KnowH2O

  • A child dies every 15 seconds from diseases related to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene.
  • 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water.
  • 40 billion hours each year are spent collecting water in sub-Saharan Africa, equal to over 19 million full-time employees.
  • Every $1 invested in water yields an economic return worth $8 in saved time, increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs. (UNDP)
  • In many areas of sub-Saharan Africa women and girls often walk an average of five miles to the nearest water source every day. If a woman only had to carry water for one hour a day, she could earn an additional US $100 a year.
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