One Laptop Per Child – Give One Get One

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photo of One Child One Laptop

Why you should buy an OLPC XO Laptop:

The laptop hardware is really impressive. This laptop is really small – dimensions are 242mm × 228mm × 32mm (9.5″ x 9″ x 1.25″) and weight is about 1.5KG (3.3 lbs). There is a 7.5″ 200dpi high resolution display capable of displaying 1200×900 pixels in grayscale (usable in direct sunlight!) or 800×600 in colour. The processor is relatively low-powered, but probably fine for the types of things most people will use this laptop for. There is no hard drive (storage is 1GB of flash which you could increase with USB drives or memory sticks or an SD card if you needed to), a rubber membrane water resistant keyboard, gamepad, touchpad, audio, built-in camera, integrated wireless (both 802.11b/g and 802.11s “mesh” networking support), a long-life battery (I’ve heard different stories, but it sounds like battery life will go into the double digits!), rechargeable with AC/DC power, solar or hand/foot generator, etc. On top of all this, the laptop is the most energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly laptop ever made!

The OS is a paired-down version of Fedora Linux with a custom Sugar graphical user interface and Bitfrost security platform. There are programs for internet browsing, chat, wikis, word processing, and most other “standard” things you would need to do on a laptop (as well as “non-standard” utilities for things like music synthesis/composition, drawing, games, etc). The standard programming environment consists of Python, Javascript, Etoys (Squeak/Smalltalk), Csound, LOGO, and others.

We mentioned the Give One Get One program last month – you can buy one for yourself with the purchase of one for a child in the developing world. The cost is $400, $200 qualifies as a charitable deduction (the gift for the child). That offer is available now (for the next 12 days). One of our popular posts recounted what kids in India learned using a computer.

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