PhD Student Speeds up Broadband by 200 times

Posted on October 29, 2007  Comments (3)

John Papandriopoulos

Local whiz speeds up broadband by 200 times:

A Melbourne PhD student has developed technology to make broadband internet up to 200 times faster without having to install expensive fibre optic cables.

Harnessing the potential power of telephone lines and DSL broadband, the technology will deliver internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second, compared with current typical speeds of between one and 20 megabits per second. Dr John Papandriopoulos, who has patent applications for the technology being processed in the US and Australia, won one of Melbourne University’s top academic prizes yesterday, a Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD.

It sure seems like many of these breakthroughs never actually make it into my life. It would be nice if this one did. On the research page of his web site he uses the under-utilized blink tag 🙂 He also has a some nice explanations on his site:

Our technology, developed as part of my Ph.D. thesis work with advisor A/Prof. Jamie Evans, aims to manage this crosstalk interference, consequently allowing telecommunication providers to maximize the data-rates of their networks. We can do this dynamically, and adaptively, to try and get the “best compromise” of interference between neighboring lines to maximize performance. In research circles, this is known as “Dynamic Spectrum Management” (DSM).

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  1. Tyrone Campbell
    March 26th, 2008 @ 8:09 pm

    Why is it always people working on thier PHd’s who seem to make the big achivements its like my university maths teacher use to do nonotechnology for his PHD now hes a teacher. maybe if you make a great jump to start then it just goes down hill, lol.

    Nice information very informative.

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