1=2: A Proof

Posted on July 8, 2007  Comments (3)

1=2: A Proof using Complex Numbers

See if you can figure out in which step the fallacy lies. When you think you’ve figured it out, click on that step and the computer will tell you whether you are correct or not, and will give an additional explanation of why that step is or isn’t valid.

See how many tries it takes you to correctly identify the fallacious step!

This is a nice quick math refresher but the real reason I posted it is so I can say I got it on the first try 🙂

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  1. MB Web Design
    July 23rd, 2007 @ 3:32 pm

    To my shame, I only got it on the third attempt…

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    “But today I am thrilled to be able to announce that after only five months the prize is won–and we have answer: the Turing machine is in fact universal! Alex Smith–a 20-year-old undergraduate from Birmingham, UK–has produced a 40-page proof…”

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