Backyard Wildlife: Fox

Posted on June 24, 2007  Comments (10)

Fox in Virginia

This photo shows a fox in my backyard from a few months ago. It liked to rest on that tree stump for a couple days – I have not seen it since. Other wildlife spotted include: possum, raccoon, rabbits, turtle, many birds including hawks and/or falcons, robins, starlings, doves, butterflies, bats, lightning bugs, all sorts of bees, ants, praying mantis, and many more birds. And I see several cats prowl the yard frequently. Maybe I can view CatCam photos of the cats prowls 🙂 I added a Cat category to the blog today: showing all the cat related posts.

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  10. Kabir
    August 28th, 2016 @ 10:16 pm

    Fox is the most cleaver among animal.the picture is nice.I like it.thanks

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