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3 awesome free Math programs

Maxima – A general purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) is a program that’s able to perform symbolic manipulation for the resolution of common problems. As a matter of fact, modern CAS covers an extremely wide range of functionalities

Scilab – Matlab is the standard for numerical computing, but there are a few clones and valid alternatives that are entirely free. Scilab is the closest that you can get to Matlab without spending a penny. It’s very compatible with Matlab (albeit not 100%) but it’s really flexible, powerful and comes with a Matlab converter and Scicos which is a block diagram modeler and simulator.

R – For statistical computing and analysis in the Open Source world, it doesn’t get any better than R. It is a programming language and environment that enables you to do pretty much anything that the commercial software (S-Plus) does. It is so widely adopted that it can be considered a standard in the field.

lpsolve is another one that I like for linear (integer) programming. LaTeX is also a great tool – a typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation (many will already be familiar with it but if you are not, check it out).

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  1. Robert
    June 2nd, 2007 @ 6:14 pm

    For several–specific–numerical mathematical routines, there is also the following URL:

    The routines posted off this page are based on good-quality code, mostly from the NETLIB repository of algorithms. Very handy (quick, easy-to-use, and free!) for when numbers are required, but a user might not want to install and start up a whole software package.

    — Robert

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