Inner Life of a Cell: Full Version

Posted on June 1, 2007  Comments (0)

This is an extremely cool 8 minute movie on the inner workings of a Cell. The earlier version we posted about back in September of last year has been one of our most popular posts – see our most popular posts. They have added the scientific explanation that I mentioned I would love to see in the last post.

update: Unfortunately Harvard seems to want to prevent people from seeing this educational webcast. Why they don’t want to promote science education is beyond me. I guess they have better uses for their $35 billion endowment than promoting science. I sure wish they would hurry up and realize this isn’t the 18th century. They say their mission is “The advancement of all good literature, arts, and sciences; the advancement and education of youth in all manner of good literature, arts, and sciences; and all other necessary provisions that may conduce to the education of the … youth of this country…” (Jun 2008). You don’t have to just educate a few privileged soles in ivy covered buildings. You can do that any provide great education material for others around the globe.

Animation created for Harvard’s Molecular and Cellular Biology program:

Harvard University selected XVIVO, LLC, a Connecticut based scientific animation company, to customize and develop an animation that would propel Harvard’s Molecular and Cellular Biology program to the next level of undergraduate education. XVIVO’s recently completed animation, titled “The Inner Life of the Cell”, has already won awards. The eight minute animation transports Harvard Biology students into a three-dimensional journey through the microscopic world of a cell.

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