Open Source Education Curricula

Posted on May 30, 2007  Comments (0)

Curriki Global Education and Learning Community

Our mission is to improve education around the world by empowering teachers, students and parents with user-created, open source curricula, and it’s all free! We believe that access to knowledge and learning tools is a basic right of every child. Our goal is to make curricula and learning resources available to everyone.

Another promising looking effort, though they do need to improving the editing of content. They also need to add tools to make it easy to find the content others have found most beneficial. And they should improve the accessibility of the content – all of it should be available using a browser (now some content is presented only as zipped files, some are word documents…). 200 science and 150 math documents are available now including: Big Cats and Intro to Electricity . The site includes content hosted itself and links to content hosted on other sites.

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