Bedbugs Are Back

Posted on April 8, 2007  Comments (2)

Bedbugs bounce back: Outbreaks in all 50 states by Meredith May:

Pest control companies nationwide reported a 71 percent increase in bedbug calls between 2000 and 2005. Left alone, a few bedbugs can create a colony of thousands within weeks. “We never treated bedbugs until 2002. Now we have a dedicated bedbug crew working on this every day,” said Luis Agurto, president of Pestec in San Francisco.

Agurto’s arsenal includes a vacuum, steam heat to cook the bedbug eggs and targeted spraying of insecticides. It takes three, eight-hour visits and about $500 to $750 to exterminate one room. A whole house would cost closer to $5,000.

Nearly all exterminators use pyrethroids, which are a synthetic version of pyrethrum, the substance found in chrysanthemum flowers. But last fall, at the University of Kentucky, some of the nation’s best bedbug researchers delivered some sobering news — while they could kill bedbugs born in the lab with pyrethroids, four groups of adult bedbugs brought in from the outside were unaffected.

University extension offices often have the soundest scientific information – try the links below for more details.

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2 Responses to “Bedbugs Are Back”

  1. Jill Krahling
    October 4th, 2008 @ 6:48 pm

    I had a treatment from an exterminator twice that was very expensive getting rid of bed bugs starting a month and a half ago. I got rid of things. I wanted to stay away from them and let them remove it from my apartment. Two bed bugs were found in my apartment again and they were located on the particle board surface from my floor speakers. This was wrapped in a bed plastic cover and thrown away. I need to replace some of my things now but I don’t want to get anything they can hide in. My vacuum cleaner was even treated two times for that reason. It even means not sleeping on a mattress for 6 weeks now. I let this tenant in my building borrow my vacuum cleaner for about an hour and just said don’t throw anything away. She thinks she has bed bugs. What do you believe? I had a very expensive reoccuring extermination a couple of weeks now.

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