Researchers Learn What Sparks Plant Growth

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Researchers Learn What Sparks Plant Growth:

“How do organisms decide when to grow and when to stop growing? These questions are especially important in plants because they are rooted in the ground and must alter their shape and size in response to their local environment. Thus, it’s a question of survival,” added Chory. “It took us 10 years to develop the tools to ask the question. It is very satisfying for me to see the results.”

“It’s been a matter of some debate for a very long time if one of these tissue layers controls plant growth or if all three layers have to work together,” Chory said. “Our paper shows very clearly that the epidermis is in control—in both driving and restricting growth. In addition, our studies show that the cells in the epidermis “talk” to the cells in the inner layers, communicating that they too should expand.”
March Flowers

In January we had a long stretch of warm weather. Shoots for early blooming flowers sprouted in my front yard. Then we had about 6 weeks of winter weather. I was wondering how the flowers would do (they do fine with a few days of freezing weather after sprouting – since they have evolved to bloom early). They did fine, photo above (by John Hunter, March 11th).

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