Microbe Food

Posted on November 11, 2006  Comments (1)

Microbes May Use Chemicals to Compete for Food

Microbes may compete with large animal scavengers by producing repugnant chemicals that deter higher species from consuming valuable food resources—such as decaying meat, seeds and fruit, a new study suggests.

Hay hopes the research will make ecologists think more critically about the broad role of microbes in the ecosystem. Microbes are often omitted or relegated to a minor role in food web diagrams, but they should be depicted as direct competitors with larger animals, he said.

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  1. Curious Cat Science Blog » High School Student Isolates Microbe that Eats Plastic
    October 19th, 2008 @ 9:06 am

    “Six weeks later, he weighed the strips of plastic. The control strips were the same. But the ones that had been in the live bacterial culture weighed an average of 17 per cent less…”

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