Voyager 1: Now 100 Times Further Away than the Sun

Posted on August 21, 2006  Comments (1)

Voyager 1 Sails Past 100 AU by A.J.S. Rayl:

Voyager 1 logs yet another milestone in space history August 17 when it crosses an invisible boundary that marks 100 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun — about 15 billion kilometers (9.3 billion miles) out there — farther away than any human-made object has ever gone in space. It’s headed now for interstellar space. Voyager 2, at 80 AU, is about six years behind.

Each Voyager carries it own kind of “postcards” in the form of a golden record that Sagan was instrumental in creating. The 12-inch, gold-plated copper discs carry spoken greetings in 55 languages from people all around Earth, along with 115 images and hundreds of sounds representing our home planet.

NASA’s Voyager site

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  1. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog » Satellite Tracker from NASA
    October 30th, 2006 @ 8:43 pm

    Cool satelite tracker from NASA that uses Java (if you don’t have Java you can see some other links they provide but they really are not that great). You can use your mouse to spin the globe around and see satellites. You can also select specific satellites and see their orbits.

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