Safe Water Through Play

Posted on July 12, 2006  Comments (4)

photo of merry go round for safe water

Play Pumps

It’s a simple idea. As children spin on a merry-go-round, water pumps from below the ground. It is stored in a tank just a few feet away, making a safe, plentiful supply of water available in the community.

Nearly 700 PlayPumps have been installed in South Africa, providing safe water to a million people living in rural communities. Thousands more PlayPumps will be installed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing the many benefits of ready access to clean drinking water to millions of underserved people.

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    Lifestraw is a filter solution that allows water to be purified for about 6 months (before needing to be replaced) at a cost of just $3.50…

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    “Many humanitarian designers focus on helping the needy to enhance their earning potential by setting up new businesses, or running existing ones more efficiently…”

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    “The result was 44 percent fewer deaths than among children not sleeping under nets. Insecticide-treated mosquito nets kill mosquitoes on contact…”

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    “Every year, malnutrition kills five million children — that’s one child every six seconds. But now, the Nobel Prize-winning relief group ‘Doctors Without Borders’ says it finally has something that can save millions of these children…”

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