The Future is Plastics

Posted on March 12, 2006  Comments (0)

Polymer science for everyone: Case School of Engineering faculty, students show that plastics can be interesting—and lots of fun. World of polymers brought to kids at Cleveland Museum of Natural History event.

“Do you guys do birthday parties?”

That was the question a mother of four young girls asked Case School of Engineering professors Christoph Weder and Stuart J. Rowan as they brought the intricate world of polymers to a whole new audience visiting the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, January 16.

Finally, undergraduate student Eric Giles, postdoctoral researcher Michael Schroeter and graduate student Wengui Weng highlighted the potential of polymeric materials in high-tech applications with their presentation, titled “The Future is Plastic!” They demonstrated the potential of polymer technology developed at Case, including stimuli-responsive polymer gels, high-strength/ultra light polymer AeroClay nanocomposites, smart polymers with built-in deformation and temperature sensors and shape memory materials.

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